Strategic Holiday Shopping to Boost the Economy


There’s no doubt that the US is facing a financial crisis of epic proportions. The exiting administration and the newly elected one have both confirmed that it isn’t going to be resolved anytime soon. It’s likely that Americans will be spending less this Holiday season, out of necessity. Even those who have been putting money away for this time of year may be wondering if those savings won’t be needed elsewhere.

Despite the economic crisis, Americans will still be out there spending their hard-earned dollars over the Holidays. We know, too, that spending is necessary to stimulate the economy. In order for our money to work, it has to move. One way we can help ensure that our spending has a positive effect is to try to spend it on the right items, in the right places.

Now, you may be thinking that I’m about to tell you to “Buy American”. While this may initially sound like the solution, it’s not as easy as it sounds, and there are some valid arguments to this strategy. Take one of the top “must have” items on this year’s

American Express Reward Shopping


American Express reward shopping has become popular in some quarters. What better combination to aspire to than the brand of American Express and the promise of free rewards for using their facilities! And American Express welcomes those that wish to spend using their card, and does so with handsome cashback and gift rewards.

This follows (or joins) a lengthy trend among credit card companies. Spend using their facilities and they will offer you a sweetener in the form of a cashback reward or further discount. American Express reward shopping has offered financial cashback and, traditionally and enticingly, air miles. Indeed, many people around the world have utilised the Air Mile program like some sort of elite badge of honour – as if they were part of an exclusive club.

And, in retrospect, perhaps they were, and still are. Because institutions looking to reap the benefits of your financial share, will work hard to provide you with an incentive to, not only spend more and more, but to do so using their card. They will welcome you in to

American Drew Furniture


American Drew furniture collections are enormous, they are hard-wearing and recognized for many years as a reliable furniture maker of all time. Creations made by the American Drew proves to be fruitful for house holding, industries, offices etc Worldwide. This furniture is sold at fine furniture stores across various countries in the World. American Drew bedrooms are modernized bedroom furniture which are comprised of different styles and shapes. American Drew Dinning Rooms are eye-catching and are long lasting. These types of furniture are made up of solid wood and have some attractive features. Various conditions arise when it becomes necessary to protect your furniture:

• Humidity effects on the wood furniture or metal.

• Strong light and heat demolishes the polish and color of furniture.

• Vermins and pests mostly destroy furnitures.

For sleeping, seating and many other activities Furniture is utilized, it also refers to mass storage device. It is designed to fit every corner of your home with styles and elegance. Different type of Furniture that augments the amazing look of your home are: table, chair, sofa, cupboards etc. Online shopping of

Shopping for Fashion Conscious Teens

As the summer months draw to a close, it becomes difficult to walk into any store without being bombarded by back to school sales. Although the prospect of shopping for school clothes is exciting for many teens, it can be a major stressor for parents. With a bit of advance planning, however, every fashion conscious teen can come back to school with a wardrobe which makes them and their parents happy.

In order to make sure that the shopping excursion is pleasant for everyone, it is best to do a bit of planning ahead of time. One of the most important things to discuss in advance is the available budget for a new wardrobe. If teens know their budget starting out, they will not cause a scene when they are unable to get the hottest new sneakers that cost hundreds of dollars per pair.

Once the budget has been set, teens and their parents should sit down and look through magazines and catalogues together. Many parents do not understand their teens fashion choices, and seeing them validated in a fashion magazine may be helpful. Looking through fashion magazines will help parents understand their teens’ style and

American Choppers is a Popular Show

There is a television show called, American Choppers, on the Discovery Channel that’s helping to revive the motorcycle industry. It’s a reality television show that focuses on the custom bike building shop owned by Paul Teutul Sr. and his sons. Since 1999 the shop has been building bikes for people in New York and making a pretty penny at it too. It seems that as the show grows in popularity more and more people are willing to pay a lot of money for one of the Teutul’s custom creations.

The bikes that they remake are more like pieces of art with fins, chrome and flames painted along the sides. Those possibly looking for a new bike should know that their bike shop is called, Orange County Choppers, even though they are based in New York, they are also sometimes called the OCC. A funny play off of the name of the dramatic television series about young teens in California.

Since they’ve gone on television with their bike shop business the Teutul’s have made a bike for the United States Air force, lovingly called ‘The Raptor’ for $150,000. They have also created a custom made bike for

The 5 Top Tips for Buying Native American Bracelets

Want to express your personality? Feel closer to the spirit of traditional American culture? Add something truly unique and personal to your life? Wear an authentic Native American bracelet on your wrist! But how do you choose an authentic bracelet that says the right things about you?

The great craftsmanship, striking appeal, and fun uniqueness of Native American jewelry make Indian bracelets the best choice. But the range of styles, the unknown authenticity, and the difficulty of finding the right store can make the choice difficult.

But you are in luck! Choosing your Native American bracelet doesn’t have to be difficult. Just keep a few simple rules in mind, and you can shop around without fear of making the wrong choice.

Turquoise bracelets come in many varieties.

Everyone has a different image of turquoise jewelry. You may think of large, closely-spaced stones reaching around the wrist. Or a circular arrangement of small blue-green stones collected on the top of the wrist.

In fact, Indian turquoise use in bracelets is varied, and sometimes includes other stones of different colors or an emphasis on silver. Sometimes the piece that’s best for you will have only

The Benefits of Canadian Online Shopping

There are a lot of reasons to shop online, the convenience is unrivaled and often you can find better prices than in local stores. However, if you live in Canada, you might feel that there just aren’t the same kinds of deals for Canadians as there are for Americans.

The truth is, most free shipping offers are US only and that can be a real turn-off if you live in Canada and the shipping is higher. Not to mention, there are plenty of points systems and rewards available for those residing in the US, most of which are not available to Canadians. However, this doesn’t mean online shopping is out if you happen to live north of the border . . . in fact, there are some major benefits.

Buy Local

When shopping on the internet, you have access to stores worldwide. There is always shipping to consider, of course, but you really do have access to just about anything you can think of. When you buy within the country, though, you’re supporting your own economy and this can be a great way to show your appreciation for Canadian businesses and products. Many small businesses

American Express Blue Vs American Express Clear

American Express has been a prime provider of credit cards for many aspiring cardholders. It offers its customers a wide variety of credit cards that are primarily composed of standard credit cards, rewards credit cards, cash back credit cards, or specialized cards. Among the most notable of its offers are the American Express Blue and the American Express Clear.

Blue from American Express

This credit card grants its cardholders with an opportunity to design their own set of privileges and responsibilities. If you get this card, you can choose between paying in full on a monthly basis and paying overtime. You can also choose which rewards system will be applied to your card for every dollar that you spend. You can earn points through your everyday purchases but you can earn even more points if you shop online at the American Express Bonus Points Mall. Setting up an automated bills payment for your household utilities will also let you earn double rewards. You can redeem all the points that you earn and use it for travel expenses, leisure and entertainment experiences, merchandise purchases, and more.

What’s good about this credit card is introductory offer.

Where to Find American Products

Our overall economy is in distress, and it doesn’t take an economist to figure out why. This nation has used up generations of prosperity by purchasing imports from overseas. Politicians love to tout increased consumer spending as an easy way out of this downturn. However a great deal of that money is spent by consumers on imported merchandise. As a consequence, the additional funds enrich other countries while having little real impact on our nation’s production. There is only one way to address this situation, and we must act now to prevent things from getting worse. In the simplest terms, we have to prevent our country’s expenditures from outpacing its income. To do so, we will have to increase American production while stemming the growth of imports that have inundated our nation. We need to buy American.

You’re probably thinking that it’s easier said than done. To be honest, it’s almost impossible for each and every product in your shopping cart to be produced in the USA. There are many items in which American choices are nowhere to be found. Yet, we cannot afford to do nothing. Make an effort to check labels and select American made

Celebrating Native American Jewelry

While Native American jewelry is ancient in origin, it is more popular than ever, appealing to jewelry fans worldwide, and appearing at the top of trend lists annually. With Thanksgiving a few weeks away, let’s explore the history of Native American jewelry. You’ll also learn what to know about Native American jewelry before you buy.

Origins of Native American jewelry

Native Americans in the Southwestern and Western U.S. United States started creating incredible jewelry from everyday things they found naturally. Items such as wood, bones, stones, rocks, and shells became beautiful pieces of jewelry. Today, these pieces are some of the most breathtaking and desired works of art in the world.

According to the article “Native American Jewelry” on, the first Native America jewelry was created around the 1850s. By 1868, the Navajos were less mobile, so they began sharing their skills more with each other. A Navajo blacksmith by the name of Atsidi Sani is credited with furthering the art of this jewelry making. He used metals such as brass and copper to make bracelets, necklaces, coins and other items. Sani also taught others Navajos his techniques. Around 1880, the Navajo began incorporating

Christmas Shopping With a Purpose

The time is drawing nearer by the hour; that is the time left to complete your holiday shopping. The Christmas season has always been known to be a stressful time for many scurrying about trying to pick out the perfect gifts for their loved ones. However, for some families, it is also a stressful time financially, so much so, that many families are sitting on scarce amounts of food in their homes. In fact, the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) reported that there are 49 million Americans facing hunger every day and out of those, 16 million of them are children. That is pretty high statistics and troubling ones at that. If you are not one of those amongst those statistics, count your blessings and consider doing your Christmas shopping with a purpose.

There are many organizations that one can gift in honor of a loved one such as or your local food banks. With the current statistics, and the belief these will continue to rise, any donations one can share will be helpful to many. Instead of buying an extravagant gift, purchase something smaller and include a gift note of where you donated money

Affluent African Americans and Customer Loyalty

Dwayne Ashley, President and CEO of the Thurgood Marshall College Fund, has been successfully raising funds in the non-profit sector for 20 years. His commitment to supporting educational opportunities for the black community is the continuation of a legacy that began with his grandmother. George Eliot said, “Our deeds determine us, as much as we determine our deeds.” In keeping his family’s generational imperative of ensuring that others are afforded the opportunity to become educated and affluent, Dwayne has earned that status for himself. I recently spoke with him to discuss the value of marketing partnerships with member-based organizations, the importance of diversity advisory boards, and the opportunities for luxury brands to target affluent ethnic consumers.

ANDREA: Tell us about yourself and your family background.

DWAYNE: I’m actually celebrating my 20th year in the non-profit sector. I grew up in the South – in Houston, Texas. I am a third generation black college graduate. Most of my family members went to Grambling and Southern University in Louisiana. In fact, one of my first cousins was a former president of Grambling. I attended public school, Wiley College for my undergrad, and University of Pennsylvania for graduate school.

The Value of Shop Drawings

Shop drawings are created for the purpose of illustrating construction or design projects. The materials that are to be used, the object dimensions, installation processes and information relevant to the successful completion of the project are often included. Shop drawings are typically a very important part of the construction or building process. This is especially true in today’s economy when the high costs associated with redesigning or reworking a project, can easily make or break it.

Shop drawings may be created by a sub-contractor, contractor, manufacturer, vendor, or even be outsourced. Having your shop drawings outsourced is sometimes the most practical approach for smaller businesses there is no longer a requirement to employ a full time draftsman and the drafting firm should have a higher knowledge level about design, standards, and building codes.

Before construction begins, the projects new shop drawings will need to be submitted for approval by the architect, general contractor, and / or client. These submitted drawings provide a rendering of the proposed project that is to be followed by those actually installing the job. Having clear and concise drawings, of whatever is being constructed, can be a great deal of help. Because

American s Want to Spend

Not so long ago Congress passed a one billion-dollar CAR Allowance Rebate System (CARS) program as part of a stimulus package to help kick start the economy. I will not dwell on how the economy came to this point, nor the stimulus package itself. However, the proof that American’s are just begging to spend is in the success of the CARS program.

Within weeks and estimated 240,000 cars have been processed and the program is in danger of running out and more Americans want to get these incentives. Why is this important? Let us look past the $4,500 incentive and looks at the facts. 240,000 cars have been purchased, that boost the dealers and the manufacturer income. Most of the 240,000 will need loans to complete the transaction, because, $4,500 is only a decent down payment.

This means more loans will be written and it helps the banking and financial industry. It gets the money that is just sitting in the vaults moving again. Lastly, each of these cars that are financed will require higher grade of insurance. This will help the insurance industry. Therefore, the billion-dollar cost of this program goes far beyond the price

American Christmas in Times of Crisis

DESPITE the global economic meltdown that has adversely affected even the United States, American people are expected to do Christmas shopping at a level not far from that of last year. But, there’s no way of canceling Christmas, at least for the Americans.

Unlike in other countries in Europe and Asia (where government and people are moving heaven and earth to cut holiday expenses), the American people still finds Christmas something to be festive about.

In the United States, people would maintain a festive mood through holiday shopping, as economists describe US economy as on its way to recovery. Speculations however show that this year’s Christmas spending in the US would be the lowest in ten years.

Shopping Less but Not Gone

According to Pollsters Gallup, there would still be shopping for American people, whose sights remained set on a festive mood. Shopping however would be less as US has not totally bailed itself out of the financial crisis. There would also be less Christmas vacations, so as the holiday decors used in pumping up the mood.

There are however some, who are looking into a “very bleak” Christmas for them.


How To Buy American Eagle Gold Coins

First, all gold American Eagle coins are 22 karat gold. The reason that you don’t get 24 karats is a small amount of other metal needs to be added to keep the coins hard. The Gold for the American Eagle is also mined in the United States.

When buying gold American Eagle coins, you have 4 options. They are: 1/10 ounce, 1/4 ounce, 1/2 ounce and 1 ounce. Smaller weights generally cost less, but there are other factors.

What comes into play are the two kinds of Eagle gold coins. They are generally — proof and bullion.

American Eagle gold bullion coins are readily available for purchase. These are the coins use for sound investment. They are prized for their guaranteed gold content, as well their beauty. The coins are recognized by dealers and markets around the world. Often used as an investment, they can be bought, sold and traded with ease. Many add them to their retirement portfolio, to be used as a tax free investment.

The American Eagle gold proof coins are what the collectors gravitate to. They are also guaranteed for gold content, and come in the same sizes, but that’s

American Heart Association Diet

Dieting is not all about losing weight, dieting is also to maintain weight and help with prevention of heart attacks and strokes with improving cardiac health. Eating healthily is a one step forward to a healthier lifestyle. The American Heart Association Diet has some good guidelines that anyone can follow to stay healthy or get back to being healthy.

Variety of foods including favorite foods, when taken in moderate portions over a period of time is important; however, a person with a good diet plan over a period of time will see results in a healthier lifestyle.

When shopping, the American Heart Association has approved foods that are good for the health and heart. This is marked with a red heart on the product item with a white check mark. When shopping for foods look for lean meats, skinless chicken, and fish high in fat for a good diet. Salmon and tuna are a good high fat fish. Fish is good health food and should be included in a good diet twice a week. Fresh vegetables and fruits are a great food for the heart. High fiber also is a great choice. Try to limit dairy

Supporting American Jobs

American Business is suffering, American jobs are being lost, can we as Americans pull together and fix this problem. Sure we can.

We believe in the American heritage of hard work, success honest dealing and selling a good American made product at a fair price.

Before the advent of mass production, American handicrafts and manufactured goods were the envy of the world and the product of skilled artisans and craftsmen, who labored in their homes and small factories to construct high quality goods.

We think this is still true today. American goods have always sold at a premium to foreign ones and because of our focus on providing high quality at the best value possible, and because of that we’ve historically enjoyed the affluence and success as a society.

We’re a part of a new movement, one that intends to reclaim the high ground on the trade of American made products. As Americans, we’re excited to bring authentically American made products to the market.

For too long Americans have seen their dreams, and towns and jobs packed up and shipped overseas. We’re here to offer you a fair deal.

We believe in

Ho Ho Ho Its Off to London For Xmas Shopping We Go

Today sees the opening of the biggest shopping mall in Europe, The Westfield. Located in West London it has all the high street shops plus an area called The Village with top designer brands such as Louis Vuitton, Dior and Mulberry. Costing £1.6Billion $1.06Billion, it is huge,a large airy space with unusual brands like the Italian must-have shirt company Nara Camiche.

The plunging pound means that London is now the bargain capital of Europe for designer clothes. Catwalk clothes and accessories are 30% cheaper than in Milan or Paris. For example D&G Lily bag is £695 equivalent to E958 in London compared to E1,190 in Continental Europe and $465. Burberry high-waisted flares are £350, E550 compared to $233.

The dramatic weakening of the pound against the dollar means that London hotels are reporting a large increase in American visitors booking for Xmas shopping. The pound is at its lowest rate for the last 5 years. Online retailers report that in October orders from Americans have doubled. As a Stylist my diary is now being booked for Personal Shopping by Americans for Xmas and January Sales as affluent shoppers are prepared to travel to get a great

American Jewelry

American Indian jewelry is worn by men, women, and children all around the world. The jewelry is appealing for a number of reasons. There are not many jewelry pieces that can be considered elegant and mysterious at the same time. One of the many mysteries surrounding American Indian jewelry is the meaning behind each piece.

A large number of stones and other materials are used to make American Indian jewelry. The types of materials used all depend on the type of jewelry piece being made and the preference of the jewelry maker. A large number of necklaces, bracelets, earring, pendants, and rings have been made using amethyst, amber, turquoise, coral, opal, jasper, quartz, pearl, and more.

Almost all of the materials used to make American Indian jewelry have significance, in one way or another. This significance may only come from old wise tales or it may be a belief that still exists today. Below is a summary of three American Indian jewelry settings and the meanings behind each.


American Indian jewelry is made from a wide variety of different materials and stones, but turquoise is one of the most popular materials used. Turquoise